Tooting View: NHS is safe only with UKIP

Whatever you may have heard, the truth is that UKIP stands up for the NHS like no other major party in Britain. If the NHS is your priority don't vote Labour, vote UKIP

St George's NHS Trust
Przemek Skwirczynski
On 17 November 2014 10:01

The recent case of a patient in a severe condition being moved from St George's Hospital in Tooting to Croydon University Hospital, despite his family's protests has raised a few eyebrows to say the least.

A great hospital such as St George's should have never been put in a situation where it had to move a patient, who relied on treatment there due to it specialising in his very condition, to a hospital arguably less prepared to treat him.

Clearly, the frontline services at St George's are finding it hard to cope with the increased demand. Appalled by that situation, I have started an online petition for St George's NHS Trust to dedicate more funding towards the hospital's frontline services, either by finding efficiencies, or by lobbying for an increased budget.

Sadiq Khan, the Labour MP for Tooting, has developed a close working relationship with St George's Hospital, which is very commendable.

Maybe he could use his influence in Westminster to lobby on St George's behalf, or even better, use his relationship with the NHS Trust to have them find efficiencies internally? Whatever he does, he will need to do it on a personal level given the Labour Party is no NHS champion, despite what it wants us to think.

It is largely due to Labour mismanagement prior to 2010 that the NHS is facing budgetary problems now, as well as its open-border policy which has caused a near-impossible strain on the frontline services delivered by hospitals up and down the country.

But what is even more disturbing, Labour has devised a campaign of misinformation against UKIP policies on the NHS. It suggested that UKIP would charge people to see their GP, which is completely untrue.

UKIP's policy has always been to keep the NHS free at point of use. Labour further claimed that UKIP would privatise the NHS, which again is a lie, given that UKIP is committed to a free public NHS. And to top that off, Labour went as far as claiming that UKIP would arrange for even deeper cuts to the NHS than the Conservative-LibDem coalition Government.

That is also absurd, given that UKIP wants to see more cash redirected to frontline services. UKIP further wants to have GPs available during hours that suit the working population, so that you do not necessarily need to take time off work to see your doctor.

Now, which other party has brought that up, despite the fact the NHS is funded by the very taxpayer who currently struggles to see their GP due to work commitments?

The true risk to our NHS lies in the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partner (TTIP), which all the establishment parties, i.e. Labour, Conservatives, LibDem, support, and which would open up our NHS to US investors.

That could effectively wipe the NHS out and put us at the mercy of foreign providers. Clearly, Labour and the rest of LibLabCon are no NHS champions. UKIP on the other hand is the only major party which opposes the inclusion of the NHS in the TTIP.

Hence if you really want to see our NHS remain a national health service, rather than a privatised service run by American companies, then you should be putting your crosses next to UKIP at the next election.

We want to implement common sense policies that suit the British people. We want to see more money dedicated to frontline services. If getting rid of the sort of nonsense such as gastric bands for overeaters, home births by NHS staff on a call out, or breast implants as treatment for depression, would mean more cash can be devoted to real frontline services, then so be it.

For now, please help me lobby St George's NHS Trust and sign the petition.

Przemek Skwirczynski is UKIP Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for Tooting

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