State-enforced diversity: Goodbye Britain

Traditional Britain is being abolished as even the failures of multiculturalism are being used to deny the democratic rights of ordinary Britons to live without fear of being persecuted by an Orwellian liberal-Left establishment

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Vincent Cooper
On 22 November 2014 21:06

Multiculturalism has failed, so let’s try Stalinist social engineering instead. One way or another, it seems, the British people will be made the obedient political zombies of Orwell’s 1984, even if it means bullying and intimidating the country’s majority population.

Yet again, traditional British people in a traditional British school are being targeted by state bullies, simply for being British.

Middle Rasen Primary School in Lincolnshire has been marked down by schools inspector quango Ofsted because the “cultural development” of its pupils is being limited by a “lack of first-hand experience of the diverse make up of modern British society”.

Ofsted is talking here about five and six year old white children in rural Lincolnshire never having experienced Brixton or savoured the delights of Bradford, Rotherham and Tower Hamlets.

To address the problem of their traditional Englishness and to be recognised as the first-class school it actually is, the Lincolnshire school children are to be taken to a mosque to experience the country’s new, rich diversity.

The Ofsted report on Middle Rasen School stated: “The large majority of pupils are white British. Very few are from other ethnic groups, and currently no pupils speak English as an additional language”.

That is an extraordinary statement and is a measure of how far the state has moved in the social reconstruction of traditional British society.

Astonishingly, in Britain today, a school with a majority of white pupils is deemed by the government to be socially unacceptable. In Britain today, for the first time in the country’s history, a school without a non-English speaker is an under-performing and socially dysfunctional school.

In Britain today, all schools must experience multicultural diversity, even though diversity on today’s scale was never what the majority of the people wanted.

That “white” – Ofsted’s own chosen term -- British people might prefer to send their children to a majority white school, and that in a free and democratic society they should be allowed to do so, is entirely dismissed by the state enforcers. That a majority of white children at Middle Rasen School might simply be a reflection of the wider local population… that too is dismissed.

By Ofsted’s logic of social engineering, there simply should not be majority white schools anywhere in Britain today.

Of course, this intimidation of traditional British schools is a direct result of the Muslim Trojan Horse scandals around the country, the latest cases now in Tower Hamlets, that paragon of diversity bliss.

But rather than face the Trojan Horse issue head-on and put the blame squarely where it belongs, on militant Islam, the government backs off and seeks to impose on everyone a Harriet-Harman-style conformity to be enforced by its Ofsted apparatchiks.

The upshot of the government’s refusal to single out militant Islam means that traditional British Christian schools, or all English speaking, all-white schools, are as much in breach of “British values” as are militant Islamic schools.

When traditional British schools can fail Ofsted’s rules for more or less the same reason Trojan Horse schools can fail, a major change has taken place in the country.

The truth is that traditional Britain is in the process of being abolished. Cultural change is being forced on British society to accommodate over sixty years of large-scale immigration, and the ideological mindset that drives this change is unlikely to confine its attention to the country’s schools.

Any institution that does not reflect the diversity of modern Britain will, in time, come under suspicion. No traditional institution is safe, not even the monarchy.

It’s quite possible that the traditional cultural identity of the Royal Family will eventually be criticised for being “out of touch”.

To conform to new diversity Britain, the Royal Family will very likely be expected to reflect the ethnic and cultural make-up of the new country. This could mean, for example, the monarchy adopting elements of Islamic or Hindu cultural ritual and ceremony, and even perhaps royal marriage into a non-Christian culture.

For those who find this hard to believe or accept, consider the Office of National Statistics report that within ten years Christians could well be a minority in Britain. This contrasts sharply with the growth of Islam. Significantly, almost a quarter of Christians today are over 65, whereas almost half of the Muslim population are under 25.

In time, these demographics will make all the difference. In the new diversity-rich Britain, the present cultural ethos of the Royal Family could well be seen as an anachronism.

Vincent Cooper is a regular contributor to The Commentator

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