Homophobic and prattling on about class war – The Guardian’s liberati strikes again.

The Guardian's latest comment piece is riddled with misnomers and slights on conservative character. Will they never learn?

Cabinet casualty: Dr. Liam Fox has resigned
The Commentator
On 15 October 2011 12:53

For decades, Guardian editors and writers alike have been the self-proclaimed bastions of the working classes, homosexuals and ‘global oppressed’. 

In reality, the newspaper is the homestead of the liberati; the Hampstead dwelling, rooibos swilling, cultural ‘elite’ who invoke their noblesse oblige more often than the ‘Tory toffs’ they love to hate.

Dr. Liam Fox’s resignation from the coalition cabinet yesterday concocted a premium opportunity for leftist commentators to turn their noses even higher up to the sky and say, ‘We told you so!’

It was a chance they couldn’t resist.

The top piece currently on the Guardian’s Comment is Free page is a gratuitous and self-indulgent diatribe by none other than the daughter of (take a breath) Sir Alastair Edgcumbe James Dudley-Williams, the son of the Conservative politician Sir Rolf Dudley-Williams.

Marina Hyde (née Marina Elizabeth Catherine Dudley-Williams) is ironically, a former Sun showbiz hack who later went on to write a book about ‘how entertainers are taking over the world’. Breathe deep the hypocrisy. 

She opens her piece on Dr. Fox’s departure with, ‘There's nothing like a good Tory scandal’.

Except that’s not quite true, is it? Labour and Lib Dem scandals are just as juicy, but through the rose red-tinted spectacles that have become the latest in vogue for the liberati; the only thing worse than being a conservative is if you’re also gay.

Hyde despicably nods to Oliver Letwin’s naivety when he was burgled in 2002, juxtaposing the situation with Dr. Fox’s close relationship with his partner-in-scandal, Adam Werrity. Subtlety is an art clearly lost on Hyde. She may as well have written, ‘They’re probably all massive gayers, don’t cha know?'

This is the unpalatable, hypocritical, homophobic type of attempted double-speak which pervades the liberati.

Hampstead dwellers as we are here at The Commentator, we hear and see it all the time.

“Do you think they were… you know?” Greeted with snickers and chortles all round as the Guardian wielding pseuds of North London head over to their favourite fair-trade coffee shop.

You’re only allowed to be a homophobe or a racist if you’re on the left – didn’t you realise?

The same can be said of much of the left’s approach to interventionism in the Arab world. Their protestations are not so much ‘you can’t drop democracy from thirty-thousand feet up’ so much as they are ‘Arabs/Muslims and can’t do democracy – it’s against their very nature’.

This loathsome rhetoric should ostensibly be more at home in the Führerbunker than in Frognal. Alas that isn’t the case in modern Britain.

Hyde then moves in an embarrassingly predictable manner, to Dr. Fox’s class and his ‘place’ within the Conservative Party.

She argues that he has been returned to where the Tories really want a GP from Scotland -- ie. nowhere near the reins of power.

It hasn’t been fifteen years since the Conservative Prime Minister of this country was a boy from a council estate in Brixton, and before that the country’s first female Prime Minister was a Conservative.

Nevertheless, Hyde chooses to describe doctors in the eyes of ‘Tory toffs’ as ‘servants’ – as if every politician shouldn’t be considered a public servant anyway. This is a baseless, ad hominem attack on Conservative voters across the country and Hyde should be made to apologise. Fat chance though, right?

Guardianistas and their fellow travellers rarely show remorse for their own scandals. It’s not been long since Johann Hari had to give a semi-sorry for his plagiarism, remember?

Finally, harking back to her hack-days at The Sun, Hyde titters at Dr. Fox’s infamous ‘links’ to Natalie Imbruglia (more attacks on his character than his competence) and then goes on to suggest that the Scottish doctor might find himself in the ‘dole queue’.

It all leaves for a rather bitter taste in one’s mouth. Perhaps we need an extra sugar or two in our fair free trade coffee. Or perhaps Hyde needs to stick to what she knows best – Myleene Klass, Beyoncé and Katie Price.

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