Tooting View: We're back to racism smears against UKIP

Chuka Umunna's race smear against UKIP is quite extraordinary given the UKIP candidates Labour is up against in south London. But what else is new in the mainstream campaign against UKIP?

How long will anti-UKIP race smears continue?
Przemek Skwirczynski
On 26 November 2014 06:51

I was amazed to read in The Telegraph on 22nd October that Chuka Umunna called UKIP "racist", which is one of the standard lines of Labour's attack. If you want to shut down any conversation, just shout "racist". The bizarre thing here is that it is Labour that tends to be racist, or at least patronizing, when it comes to the subject.

Chuka's colleague, Diane Abbott, the Labour MP for Hackney, who believes in the black mothers' superiority over their white counterparts, is a great example of what could be called a "positive racism" (along the lines of "positive discrimination") in that it comes from a non-Anglo-Saxon person and hence is hard to be challenged in the politically-correct world we live in.

In the afore mentioned article Chuka brought up his name as proof of his belonging to an ethnic minority, keeping conveniently quiet on the subject of his maternal family, who are very much part of the British establishment inclusive of aristocratic titles and a famous High Court judge grandfather Sir Helenus Milmo who did a great service to Great Britain and wider humanity at the Nuremberg Trials.

Chuka was hence born into the establishment, however I would not take away from him the fact that he is clearly a very able politician and would do a much better job at the helm of Labour than the wrong Miliband brother.

Anyway, since UKIP are yet again being subjected to an unprovoked and unsubstantiated attack by this South London MP, I thought it would make sense to show our hand of cards, just so Chuka Umunna understands who he is up against locally.

So, the UKIP contender for Chuka's seat in Streatham, Bruce Machan came to Britain from Zimbabwe about the same time I came over here from Poland, and I am standing for UKIP in Tooting, which is just to the West. Directly North of Chuka's constituency, in Vauxhall, UKIP is represented by Ace Nnorom who is originally from Cameroon.

And on the East side of things Chuka is flanked by UKIP's Parliamentary Candidate for Dulwich and West Norwood Rathy Alagaratnam who is Tamil and came to Britain from Sri Lanka. And of course to the South, we have Winston McKenzie who is challenging Croydon North for UKIP -- Winston was born in Jamaica and has been suggested by Lee Jasper recently to be the most influential Black politician in Britain.

So, courtesy of UKIP, Chuka finds himself in a very multi-ethnic company in South London. In fact, it may be inferred that UKIP is likely fielding the most ethnically diverse suite of candidates out of all the parties in South London. That is because all of us feel strongly about being British, whilst UKIP provides us with a truly meritocratic political platform, something that cannot be said of the LibLabCon establishment parties catering almost exclusively for the London upper middle classes.

In my campaign I promised to reach out to the religious people in my constituency -- I believe them to have been neglected by all three mainstream parties alike. Despite being a practising Catholic, I am happy and willing to reach out to all religious constituents, regardless of their faiths.

Similarly, I am proud to say that my first official community visit in Tooting was to the Wandsworth Asian Community Centre, even though there is also a very big Polish centre in the constituency called the White Eagle Club, which was set up soon after the Second World War by the Polish ex-serviceman who had fought alongside British forces.

But the main theme that the UKIP candidates apply throughout their campaigns is that it should not matter where you were born or what your ethnicity is as long as you feel British -- and it is British people from all backgrounds we want to represent, without any positive or negative discrimination applied, in contrast to the Labour Party.

Let's not allow career, establishment politicians divide and rule our society along ethnic lines, something that would really take us back to the dark ages.

Lastly, it is also worth pointing out there is only one party in the UK which has been continuously beating the drum for the Commonwealth and promoting Commonwealth free trade to ensure Britain does not miss out on unprecedented global growth. That party is UKIP.

UKIP wants a global Great Britain, not the little England on the sidelines of the European Union which we have become under the last two governments. This UKIP affinity for the Commonwealth is further reflected in our above mentioned South London UKIP candidates, four of whom were born in Commonwealth countries.

Winston McKenzie is the UKIP spokesman for the Commonwealth, whereas I have been involved in UKIP Commonwealth policy-making, despite not originating from the Commonwealth. I'd like to see any other British political party show greater inclusivity than that.

Przemek Skwirczynski is UKIP Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for Tooting

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