Don't whitewash Gordon Brown. He was a disaster

Enough of the whitewashing. Gordon Brown was a total disaster, both as Chancellor and as Prime Minister. He was the worst manager of the British economy since WWII, and bigot-gate revealed his deep, underlying unpleasantness. Good riddance!

by Westminster shrink on 2 December 2014 05:57

Oh. Enough already. As Gordon Brown (finally; thank God) announces his retirement from British politics, the mainstream media and not just the fawning hacks in the Guardian (see here) are going all misty eyed about the Prime Minister who saved the banking system and even saved the Union.

No he didn't. Only one opinion poll in months ever put the Yes to Scottish independence movement in the lead. Brown's interventions reassured Unionists in Westminster, but there's no evidence he made the slightest difference to an independence campaign that was always doomed to fail.

As for saviour-of the-British-economy line, you've got to be kidding. A first year economics student could have replicated his plan to bail out the banks with taxpayer's money. But only Gordon Brown could have ruined the British economy so royally in the first place.

His incompetence beggars belief. In 1997, Labour inherited a golden legacy of rising growth and falling unemployment. Instead of prudently managing the economy and pursuing modest and affordable public spending increases (as New Labour was elected to do) he blew the lot.

It was a spending spree aimed at buying votes and securing a dependent clientele that could be relied upon at election time. Utterly cynical. And totally destructive. During the good times, he looked as though he could get away with it. But come the global downturn, the cupboard was bare. As a result, Britain suffered one of the deepest recessions of all Western economies.

We're still feeling the consequences today in terms of stagnant real wages.

As an economic manager, Gordon Brown was an incompetent fool, and no amount of whitewashing can erase his uniquely dreadful legacy.

But he was so much less than that. Do you remember bigot-gate? No, really. Do you remember how he slandered 65-year-old widow Gillian Duffy as a "bigoted woman" because she had raised some concerns with him about immigration?

That was the real face of Gordon Brown. It's a nasty face. And we should all be pleased we won't be seeing much more of it.

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