Tooting View: Labour's Sadiq Khan should run for Mayor

Sadiq Khan would make a great Labour candidate for the Mayor of London. He should drop his fight for Tooting at the general election, and leave the constituency to UKIP

Where should Sadiq run?
Przemek Skwirczynski
On 14 December 2014 10:15

With five months left until the general election, Sadiq Khan should declare whether his heart is set on fighting for Tooting or for London – otherwise he risks looking like Boris Johnson unti he officially became a parliamentary candidate i.e. not credible either as a potential parliamentary candidate or as a prospective mayoral candidate.

To underline, it is either about Tooting or Greater London. People of Tooting do not wish to be a back-up option even for the most ambitious of candidates, and frankly, they deserve better by way of getting the undivided attention of their elected representative.

In fact, I am happy to show my loyalty to Tooting by backing Sadiq, the Tooting local, in his endeavours to win the race to become Labour’s official candidate for Mayor of London. If you look at who he is up against, he does seem to have the best chances of being selected for Labour.

Diane Abbott, his fellow Labour contender, needs no introduction and is sure to help elect another Conservative Mayor of London with her warped “positive discrimination” logic and amazingly divisive qualities.

Dame Tessa Jowell, the other Labour contestant, was doing pretty well until fairly recently, when she provided a shoulder to cry on and publicly supported Harriet Harman over the Paedophile Information Exchange (PIE) story. What great timing to lose one’s credibility, just as the Westminster “VIP paedophile ring” crisis intensifies.

Of course, there are other possible candidates. Sharing similar concerns to a large number of her constituents, Margaret Hodge is one of the likely Labour politicians to join UKIP, and as such may not even feature on her current party’s member list at the time of the candidate selection.

There is also Baroness Lawrence who is of course credited with the amazing campaigning work she has carried out, but it is not clear how she would fare as manager of the greatest city in the world.

David Lammy is another of Labour’s potential candidates; his proposal for statues of local heroes dotted all over London is particularly great. I have already requested that, should he get elected Mayor of London, we in Tooting would like the statue of UK Apache, the legendary drum and bass MC and jungle music pioneer, and of course a Tooting resident.

However, at the expense of a new statue, I wish that Labour would select Sadiq Khan, who is already the shadow London minister, and put him out of the misery of failing on both fronts, his parliamentary as well as ministerial campaign, due to being overstretched.

More time devoted to his mayoral campaign will, for example, help Sadiq realise that Labour’s mansion tax on London is not a winning ticket for a mayoral contender, despite it clashing with his party’s nationwide policy.

Barring that, the path to becoming Labour’s favourite should be cleared.

Przemek Skwirczynski is UKIP Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for Tooting

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