Labour and LibDems add insult to injury to England

We want England to be in charge of all relevant issues, from new laws to matters like income tax rates and tuition fees. But cynical Labour and the Lib Dems don't want this, and thus insult the English

Labour and Lib Dems turn up their noses...
Sir John Redwood MP
On 15 December 2014 11:18

This week we expect the government’s White Paper on justice for England. Labour declined to attend the talks and failed to file a contribution stating its approach for the White Paper.

It reminds us just how much Labour scorns England, and how Labour will fight to stop England having her own voice and her own votes. Now we hear they are cobbling together a pathetic offer of English only MPs doing the hard work of the committee stage of English Bills, only to see their work overturned by the whole House on Report. That adds insult to injury.

The Lib Dems have come up with some convoluted approach which seeks proportional representation on some English committee of the House of Commons They are clearly thinking of their vote share at the last election, rather than their likely lower one at the next.

They seem to have put their own party interest well ahead of England’s interests. They will not vote for simple justice for England, English votes on English issues. Like Labour they do not want to keep England whole, and want to find a way of seeing off the movement for English votes.

The Conservatives assure me they will propose English votes for English issues. May they keep it simple and comprehensive. We do not want English votes limited to just some issues or some parts of the legislative process. An English Grand Committee, or English votes just at committee stages of bills is not the answer.

We want England (and/or England, Wales and Northern Ireland) to be in charge of all relevant issues, from new laws to matters like income tax rates and tuition fees.

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