Pakistan school massacre and the evils of Islamic extremism

The latest Islamic attack on a school in Pakistan is a reminder that these terrorists have no limits when it comes to inflicting violence on the innocent and the vulnerable. They must be met with force, whether in Pakistan, Iraq or Britain.

Covered in blood: a child maimed by terrorists for attending school
Clare George-Hilley
On 16 December 2014 17:12

Today’s attack by the Taliban on a Pakistani school is reminder that Islamic extremists have no limit on their depravity and no mercy for their victims. 

It is hard to imagine the fear that ran through the hundreds of innocent school children when the band of extremists burst into their classrooms, waving guns and making threats.

This grievous terrorist attack was a total massacre, with 135 children murdered, over 100 more injured and one teacher burned alive and shot in the head. Their crime, which so offended the Islamists, was that they wanted to get an education.

The group who have proudly taken credit for this atrocity are the Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP), yet another Islamic organisation that thrives of negative publicity by planning and committing unspeakable acts.

Like the Islamic State (IS) group which has escalated its power by brutal murders and beheadings, it is seeking worldwide attention to attract more followers and strike fear into the hearts of innocent Pakistanis.

This problem is by no means contained in the Middle East and Asia, the al-shabaab group which operates mainly in East Africa has been terrorising countries like Somalia and Kenya for years. Their target, of course is always exclusively civilians, blowing up shopping centres in Nairobi and targeting the tourist strips of Mombasa.

The result of these atrocities has been that airlines all over the world refusing to fly to Kenya, crippling the tourist industry and plunging an already struggling country deeper into poverty.

Given these high profile examples of the dangers of unrestricted Islamic extremism, it is astonishing how such practices have managed to gain a foothold in Britain. We are now one of the largest suppliers of home-grown terrorists to Syria, our schools like the Trojan Horse Plot, practice gender segregation and preach homophobia.

We have rotten boroughs, some of our charities channel funds to questionable causes and our shameful terrorist alumni include hook-handed Abu Hamza who before his deportation preached hate openly on Britain’s streets.

Despite a natural inclination for the protection of minorities and tendency for moral outrage, the left in our country have been an unlikely ally of Islamic extremism.

Quite why anyone would want to defend a practice where women are suppressed, treated as second class citizens and gay people are supposed to be stoned to death is a mystery. But one thing is for sure, the left bear some responsibility for the evils of Islamic extremism and its foothold in Britain today.

Let me be quite clear, Islamic extremism in any form has no place in Britain. Our country is built upon freedoms, tolerance and cohesion, our DNA is strong because our identity is defined by many different people, from different backgrounds, with roots all over the world.

The Islamists have no respect for these historic ties which make Britain such a great place to live and work. They have no interest in integrating, in sharing our values or supporting their neighbours. Their number one goal is to terrorise the innocent, so they can wield power and create a tyrannical state, where freedom is non-existent and evil ideology rules.

Britain has seen this kind of threat to humanity before in Nazi Germany. The creatures who massacred the Pakistani schoolchildren, and their evil followers in the UK and all around the world cannot be negotiated with.

We cannot allow our country’s commitment to freedom to be misused by those who wish to do us harm. We’ve been fighting the enemy abroad for over a decade, and now it’s time for us to fight the enemy within. 

Clare George-Hilley is Director of Communities and Social Justice, Parliament Street Research Council. She is a Contributing Editor to The Commentator @ClareHilley

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