It's not an apology tour, it's an apology presidency as Obama bows to Cuban dictatorship

The Obama administration -- the presidency that makes dictatorships smile. Today he's opening up ties with the Cuban dictatorship. Before he's done, there'll be a US embassy in Tehran. Diplomatic relations with Islamic State? Nothing's off the cards now...

by The Exile on 17 December 2014 16:55

The Obama administration -- the presidency that makes dictatorships smile. It was about the most predictable announcement imaginable: Barack Obama is opening up formal US ties with Cuba, after decades of hostility based on the Havana dictatorship's mass persecution of millions of people, the murder of tens of thousands, and other such trivial concerns of the reactionary Right.

Sure, you could argue that America already has diplomatic relations with regimes that are as bad as Cuba. But movement matters. And this is one very big, symbolic shift. The far-Left apologists for communism that form Obama's core ideological constituency have always hated the embargo against Cuba, as much for the symbolism itself as anything else.

Cuba was supposed to be communism's springboard into the Western hemisphere. Thanks to the kind of resolve that would never have been shown had the likes of Barack Obama been at the helm, it was held in check. But, oh, the romance of it all... Today a great wrong has been righted!

In the early part of Obama's presidency, we had the "apology tour" of the Muslim world, where Obama, well, apologised for America's "arrogant" behaviour -- you know, standing up for freedom and all that nonsense.

Since then, every dictatorship and terror group has taken the message: America is ashamed of itself; it stands for nothing; and will stand up to nothing.

We're well beyong an apology tour now. This is an apology presidency.

So, what next? Don't be too surprised if after Havana there's a US embassy in Tehran before too long. Heck, why not establish diplomatic relations with Islamic State, even before they're a state?

Think that's far-fetched? Watch this space...

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