BBC under fire over theft of 600 laptops and 83 iPads

Parliament Street think tank reveals extent of BBC device losses, including hundreds of laptops, mobile phones and kettles

by the commentator on 23 December 2014 21:37


Centre-right think tank Parliament Street has criticised the BBC after new figures revealed that the corporation had lost over 600 laptops and 83 iPads belonging to the BBC and its staff have been stolen over a five-year period.

In total, 624 laptops were stolen between 2010 and 2014, along with 109 mobile phones, 98 cameras and 83 iPads.

The details of the thefts, released under Freedom of Information (FOI) legislation show that two fire extinguishers were stolen from BBC premises in 2011, over the five-year period 34 desktop computers were also stolen, along with seven e-readers and four kettles.

Commenting on the findings, Clare George-Hilley, director at Parliament Street told The Guardian, “These findings show that the BBC must do more to prevent theft and losses at every level of the organisation, taxpayers should not have to pick up the bill for sloppy management of expensive equipment.

“To tackle this, the organisation needs to deliver more effective policies and training to ensure staff understand the importance of looking after devices,” George-Hilley added. 

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