Cameron pledges commitment to “Christian values” in seasonal message

Prime Minister issues Christan message of giving, sharing and caring in Christmas speech

by the commentator on 24 December 2014 10:29


Prime Minister David Cameron has said, “giving, sharing and taking care of others” at home and around the world was something Britain could be proud of, in his annual Christmas message.

“Among the joyous celebrations we will reflect on those very Christian values of giving, sharing and taking care of others.

“This Christmas I think we can be very proud as a country at how we honour these values through helping those in need at home and around the world. On Christmas Day thousands of men and women in our armed forces will be far from home protecting people and entire communities from the threat of terrorism and disease.

“NHS doctors, nurses and other British volunteers will be in Ebola-affected countries, working selflessly to help stop this terrible disease from spreading further. And British aid workers will be helping citizens to rebuild countries and communities afflicted by conflict and poverty.

“Here at home thousands of police and fire officers, paramedics and other emergency service personnel will be working hard to keep the public safe and well,” he said.

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