Conservatives to lift the ban on fox hunting

The foxhunting ban could be lifted if the Conservatives win a majority next year, according to reports

by the commentator on 26 December 2014 10:39


The Conservative Party will lift the ban on foxhunting if David Cameron wins an overall majority next May, The Daily Telegraph has disclosed.

The paper reports that the party’s manifesto is set to say that the Hunting Act is wrong-headed and a future Tory government would try to repeal it.

The decision will be on a free vote of MPs in the House of Commons, echoing the manifesto commitments in 2005 and 2010, and has been agreed with Oliver Letwin, the Cabinet Office minister who is drawing up the manifesto.

“All the indications are that a commitment will be just as robust as it always has been and there is no reason to believe any changes are intended or planned,” said Simon Hart, a Tory MP and chief executive of the Countryside Alliance between 2004 and 2010.

A Conservative party spokesman said: "We are still deciding what will be in our manifesto and will outline its contents in due course."

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