BBC top news whitewashes all mention Charlie Hebdo killers were Muslim

Incredibly, the BBC's top story on the Islamist terror outrage against Charlie Hebdo has performed the almost impossible in not informing readers that the killers were Muslim

by BBC Nemesis on 8 January 2015 20:12

It would only be incredible if you did not understand modern Europe in general or the BBC, the world's most influential news outlet, in particular. They've done it again. The Charlie Hebdo massacre in Paris was perpetrated by a bunch of unnamed, anonymous nutters. Nothing to do with Islam or Islamism, you understand.

You would understand it that way -- and the BBC knows exactly what it is doing in communicating with a mass audience -- if you'd read about what happened in the BBC website's top story today.

While there was no word that the terrorists were Muslim, not one, we were served up with the usual warnings from the far-Left BBC about "Islamophobia".

"Twenty imams joined hundreds gathered outside the offices of Charlie Hebdo to express sympathy for the victims. But elsewhere in France a number of attacks on Muslim targets have been reported, with shots fired at a Muslim prayer hall in the southern region of Aude and a mosque in Poitiers, central France, vandalised."

Of course, all attacks on mosques and/or individual Muslims are wrong. But we know that already.

What is very weird is that the BBC is so desperate to whitewash Islamists that their own story makes no sense. After all, why would "twenty imams" be demonstrating against the massacre if Islam had had nothing to do with it?

If you read the BBC story, you'll be none the wiser.

But this is nothing new from the BBC. See this about the Christmas Day massacre by "militants" in Africa....

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