Ms. Scarlett ditches Clegg, joins the Tories

Blow to Nick Clegg as leading activist quits claiming the Liberal Democrats have 'poor integrity' in government and backs David Cameron for a Tory majority

by the commentator on 10 January 2015 18:47


Sara Scarlett, a high profile Liberal Democrat blogger and activist, has joined the Conservatives and will be helping campaign for the party in the lead up to the election.

In an upcoming article – seen by The Commentator – Ms. Scarlett says, “The Liberal Democrats’ poor integrity in government and profound moral failings in the way they conduct their organisation means I can no longer deny that returning David Cameron to government with an overall majority would be the best outcome for this country in the next election.”

She also warns that Ed Miliband running the country would be disastrous, as the Labour leader has no long-term economic plan for Britain.

“The prospect of Ed Miliband (perhaps even in coalition with Nick Clegg) in charge of a fragile recovering economy sends shivers down my spine. It is ludicrous to think that any Prime Minister could ever heal an economy left so vastly damaged by thirteen years of Labour government in a single term.

Considering that David Cameron has not had an overall majority, his leadership and accomplishments have been more impressive than many have given him credit for.”


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