A dying Western culture is the problem

British MPs stood in Westminster Hall holding up pencils and pop-art “Je Suis Charlie” posters. I’m sure that frightened the Islamists. Can anyone imagine Churchill holding up a pencil? We’re not serious about defending our own civilisation

Defence by pencil...
Vincent Cooper
On 12 January 2015 10:07

The German Chancellor Angela Merkel said: “We need to say that right-wing extremism and anti-Semitism should not be allowed any place in our society.” That was the German Chancellor’s response to Pegida, the burgeoning movement in Germany against what its supporters see as the relentless Islamisation of Europe.

Ms Merkel’s comment was a politician’s slur. The problem for Angela Merkel is that it’s not Pegida that is anti-Semitic, but large numbers of Europe’s Muslims. This is a truth that the EU political establishment refuses to acknowledge, even when its own bureaucrats produce the hard evidence.

For example, a 2003 European Union study on anti-Semitism found that Europe’s anti-Semites were not the usual stereotypical suspects (white, skin-headed Nazis), but Muslim gangs. The report was suppressed -- Europe’s PC politicians did not like the findings -- and only became public when details were leaked to the Jerusalem Post.

But who needs a study to show who the anti-Semites are? You can hear it and see it on Europe’s streets.

During the recent Israeli military action in Gaza, thousands of pro-Hamas Muslims and their left-wing enablers marched through several German cities shouting Hamas, Hamas, Juden ab ins Gas (Hamas, Hamas, Jews to the Gas).

What civilised person would have thought it? Did post war Germans ever believe such words would again be heard on their streets? What is happening to Germany?

The answer is that Germany, like France, Britain, The Netherlands, Belgium and all of Scandinavia is undergoing an irreversible historic change. Germany is becoming more and more Islamic. That is a demographic fact, and is the fact that explains why today in Germany thousands march through the country’s cities shouting Scheiss Juden (Jewish shit) and, of course, the perennial Juden ab ins Gas.

For the first time since the Nazi era, Jews really are not safe in much of Europe. In fact they are being murdered, simply because they are Jews. Normal daily life is impossible. Jewish schoolchildren in France and Sweden are regularly beaten up. In Toulouse in France, Jewish schoolchildren are advised to take a non-Jewish name.

I suspect that many European Jews today, particularly the young and those planning a family, must be thinking long and hard about any future in Europe. Actually, for some time now there has been an exodus of Jews from France and Sweden.

The fact is that Muslim immigration has altered the whole political landscape of the Western European continent, and with continued heavy Muslim immigration it threatens drastically to reshape the future culture of Western Europe.

And yet incredibly, the ramifications of this historic change are simply ignored or denied by the European political class. They deny that uncontrolled, unlimited Muslim immigration might be a threat to Western liberal values and society.

All evidence to the contrary, such as twelve people slaughtered at Charlie Hebdo and the slaughter at the Kosher supermarket, is sanitised by much of the Western media and political class as simply another crime statistic; an act committed by insane “lone wolves” and not in any way anything to do with the gradual Islamisation of Europe.

“Move along folks, nothing to see here”, the politicians seem to be telling the public after every Islamist outrage.

For the mainstream European political class, Europe can continue with unrestricted Muslim immigration and Europe will always remain Europe. Paris will always be Paris.

Pegida (Patriotic Europeans Against the Islamisation of the West) profoundly disagree with such establishment complacency -- or perhaps it is establishment fear. Its supporters believe the West is being Islamised and that events like Charlie Hebdo will increase as Europe becomes more Muslim.

Pegida supporters believe that what happened in Paris will be repeated as the Muslim population of Europe increases, until eventually the weight of Muslim demographics forces Europe to accept some form of new European Muslim dispensation.

It’s important to say here that most of Europe’s Muslims are of course blameless of any terrorism. For over sixty years now, Europe’s political class has operated an extremely open immigration policy. The world’s Muslims were invited to settle, with the result that there are approximately 20 million Muslims today in western Europe, the large majority of them peaceful.

But that does not mean that most Muslims in Europe accept all or most of our western values. They don’t, and there is no obligation on them to do so.

Most Muslims genuinely condemn the killing of cartoonists, but when you listen to what Muslims have to say on the matter, most Muslims do not believe that the Charlie Hebdo cartoonists should have had the right to draw those cartoons in the first place.

This is where the weight of Muslim demographics in Europe will eventually be felt. As Muslim numbers increase, there will be more and more demographic, and democratic, pressure on Europe to Islamise.

As Charles Moore of the Daily Telegraph puts it: “Few Muslims are terrorists or even like the idea of killing rude cartoonists. But we do have in our midst millions of people who have a different belief about the nature of society itself. This rightly makes us resist the Islamisation of Europe.”

For any rational person there are grounds for concern about Europe’s future. It isn’t good enough for politicians such as Angela Merkel to dismiss Pegida supporters as racist. Charlie Hebdo in Paris shows there are good reasons to be concerned, and European culture will never defend itself if the political establishment denies there is a threat.

And that denial comes not only from the political establishment. Christianity, whatever its faults, lies at the heart of our Western culture, and that includes its liberal political culture. Yet the Christian churches seem to find it offensive to defend the Christian tradition.

Cologne Cathedral turned out its lights in protest at Pegida demonstrators, yet it did not turn out its lights in protest at the Islamist slaughter at Charlie Hebdo. And has anyone noticed Cologne Cathedral turning down the lights in protest at the annihilation of Christians in the Middle East and Nigeria?

As the inimitable Canadian journalist Mark Steyn put it:

“Cologne Cathedral has decided to turn out its lights in protest at an “anti-Muslim” march in the city. In the heart of Christendom, “social justice” trumps faith. What these fellows don’t appreciate is that “social justice” is merely an interim phase, between the old faith and the new.”

How true. Since at least the end of the Second World War western culture has lost the will to defend itself.

Much was made of those demonstrators in Paris and elsewhere holding up placards proclaiming “Je Suis Charlie”. Apparently British MPs stood in Westminster Hall holding up pencils and “Je Suis Charlie” posters. I’m sure that frightened the Islamists. Can anyone imagine Churchill holding up a pencil?

Given the uncompromising violence of Islamism towards the West, it’s difficult to say exactly what the world’s political leaders marching in Paris really thought they might achieve. Such displays of “Je Suis Charlie” will be seen by Islamists as a sign of western impotence. 

To many of us, the Je Suis Charlie signs are little more than pop-art, self-indulgent theatrics, which no doubt will eventually turn a penny for some clever market-man as a tee-shirt logo and sold alongside that other great western pop-art money-spinner, Che Guevara. 

Such displays show an immaturity and an inability to grasp the true nature of Europe’s problems. The West still does not get it.

Vincent Cooper is a regular contributor to The Commentator

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