Shifty BBC's new strategy for whitewashing Islamist terror

The BBC has had a lot of criticism for whitewashing islamist terrorism by air-brushing all reference to the Islamist motivations of the terrorists. It still does that. But now it has a shify new technique for getting around the outcry at their slavish political correctness

by BBC Nemesis on 15 January 2015 16:56

Fresh from last week's appalling top-news report on Charlie Hebdo, which expunged all reference to Islam in reference to the killers, and the shocking report on Christmas Day air-brushing Boko Haram's Islamist motivations, I have noticed a track-two policy of politically correct denial from Britain's far-Left state broadcaster.

And look how shifty this is. In a high-profile report today on the Boko Haram massacre in Nigeria of the last couple of days that left up to 2,000 dead, the BBC's report (look for yourself here) has no mention that Boko Haram is Islamist in the main body of the text.

They know very well that, as studies have shown, 90 percent-plus of readers never go further than the first couple of paragraphs. That's why the lead paragraph is always so important. It needs to tell you as much of the story as it can.

In reference to anything remotely non-PC the BBC abides by this basic rule of journalism -- any demonstration, for example, against Islamism, is immediately designated as "far-Right".

But what they are starting to do in relation to Islamism is either to bury all reference to the motivation of the terrorists -- or "militants" as the BBC calls them -- right at the bottom of the story, or, as in this case, to include, way down the text again, a sidebar profile of who the group in question are.

After all, how many readers will bother to read a sidebar? Job done. Reputation of Islamic terrorists remains intact.

What a sly and shifty bunch the BBC have become....

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