This time a real EU train crash may be on its way

It is widely noted that the EU has turned into a slow motion train crash. But the latest regulatory madness from Brussels over the rail system threatens the risk of a real train crash right here in Britain. It's never going to stop until we get Britain out

Train crash at Montparnasse, 1895
Luke Stanley
On 27 January 2015 13:25

The European Union likes to portray itself as a guarantor of workers’ rights, burying Britain beneath a mountain of red tape with meaningless “health and safety” measures.

However, the latest diktat from the European Railway Agency, an EU quango based in France, means there will be a heightened risk of train collisions, putting employees and passengers at risk. All this is due to Eurocrats railroading us into using Europe’s metric system.

Miles and yards will be banished from official signs, with training manuals and rulebooks being translated into kilometres and metres under the new reforms of Britain’s railway system. Whilst this may sound innocent enough, it has been condemned by train driver’s union Aslef as an “unacceptable safety risk” to train drivers and their passengers, during the 20-year changeover period.

Signallers will need to advise train drivers in both miles and kilometres per hour, depending on the train and track in use at any given point in time. More importantly, the train drivers themselves will also be alternating on different trains on different bits of track on a daily basis between the 2 different measuring systems!

The Rail Safety and Standards Board are naturally worried this will exacerbate the “potential for confusion and error” over the 20-year period.

Indeed, a test run of the system, on a route originally designed for miles on the Cambrian line between Shrewsbury and the West Welsh coast has been blamed for 5 incidents of trains passing through red signals in just 5 months -- and this is just on a small section of our railway network.

If the amplified risk isn’t enough reason to oppose this move from the EU, Aslef has also point out the huge financial cost. The train drivers union is right to condemn the switchover as a “waste of money which could be better spent on keeping fare increases down”, particularly given the controversial rise of 2.2 percent in average train fares this year.

If this reform of British railways is so damaging, why are we being forced to implement it? In short, because the EU says we must.

In 2012, the Department for Transport asked Brussels for an ‘opt-out’ from this damaging legislation, but Britain’s pleas fell on deaf ears. Despite this reasonable request, safety is clearly of secondary concern in the EU’s relentless attempt to Europeanise all British measurements.

It is clear, despite the optimistic denial of deluded Europhiles, we do not have the influence in Brussels necessary to safeguard British interests -- and we never will.

The British Imperial System, our traditional system of weights and measures was used officially in Great Britain from 1824 until the adoption of the metric system beginning in 1965. But it seems the EU is intent on denying us all aspects of our heredity in its to attempt to systematically wipe out Britain.

If we want to ensure all our laws are formed in the best interests of Britain and the Great British Public we must Get Britain Out of the EU.

Luke Stanley is a Research Executive at Get Britain Out

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