Data Privacy Day – businesses warned of security risks

Global campaign to raise awareness of data privacy threats calls on businesses and consumers to be vigilant around data security policies

by the commentator on 28 January 2015 14:22


Today is International Privacy Day, a global initiative designed to educate consumers and businesses on respecting privacy, safeguarding data and enabling trust.

A BullGuard, the anti-virus company has released a survey showing that an ‘alarmingly high number' of people don't give much consideration to what they post online. 64 per cent of respondents said they give thought to their online reputation 36 per cent said they didn’t. 

A further 77 per cent said they also consider what they post might affect other people, but 23 per cent said it 'barely entered their minds'.

Responding to the Data Privacy Day campaign, Richard Anstey, CTO for EMEA at Intralinks said, 'When dealing with very sensitive information, people need to know about very secure measures, such as information rights management. 

'Security is about knowing what the danger is and how to deploy the appropriate level of protection.

'If we want a truly data-secure society we need to start by ensuring people know what value their data has, then they can make informed decision about how to secure it.'

Jason Hart, vice president of cloud services, identity and data Protection at data security firm Gemalto said, 'Mobile devices are becoming a popular target for hackers. 

'This is hardly a surprise given so many of us have between one and three of them, and they are increasingly used to store sensitive work files and personal information. 'The challenge with these devices is that because they connect to the cloud, data ends up being stored in multiple places and this gives the hackers multiple attack points to use. 

'Therefore, unless security controls are in place and companies understand the location of where the data is being stored, there is a greater risk that these devices or their data could be breached,'  he said.

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