Ed and NHS cynicism? Unfit to govern, but probably will

Labour's cynical weaponisation of the NHS to frighten vulnerable people into voting for them shows they are not fit to govern the country. Usually, assuming voters are brain dead is a bad idea, but due to our broken electoral system Miliband is still favourite to become PM

Welcome to Britain's next Prime Minister
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On 29 January 2015 09:00

So, the Labour Party is now an NHS pressure group. Don't mention the deficit. Don't talk about jobs and the economy. Just play upon the fears of vulnerable people in marginal constituencies by suggesting they might not get their cancer treatment anymore unless Ed Miliband becomes prime minister in May.

Usually, treating the electorate as brain-dead imbeciles doesn't work. But with a pliant liberal-Left media that offers Labour a platform to push this garbage on the national stage, it just might.

Pause and think about that for a second. If the Conservatives were making no less irrational claims about national security as Labour is making about the NHS -- France will invade southern England the day after the election if you don't vote Conservative, for example, -- would they be soft-balled by the mainstream media? One doubts it.

If the media were doing its job properly, Ed Miliband and company would be being torn apart for their preposterous claims about the dangers to the nation's health of a new Conservative government.

The problem is that, given mainstream media acceptance of the Labour agenda, and the tightness of a race in which a few hundred votes in key marginals could make a difference and the utterly decrepit first-past-the-post electoral system Labour's weaponisation strategy over the NHS could well get them into Number 10.

The opinion polls show that the Conservative Party remains where it has been for approximately two decades -- somewhere around the 35-37 percent mark being about the maximum they're going to achieve.

Labour isn't doing much better, but the constituency boundaries mean it doesn't have to. It probably won't get a majority on its own but it will get enough to make a reasonable claim to lead the next government, with the SNP, the Lib-Dems and maybe even the Greens being there on the centre-Left to help form a government.

Meanwhile, if we had some form of proportional representation the centre-Right would probably walk this election with the Conservatives and UKIP taking over 50 percent of the vote. Hardcore Tories and Kippers don't like to talk about working together, but if we did have PR they'd be forming the next government.

But that's not going to happen. Short-sighted politicians refuse to make the changes to our political system that we desperately need.

The prospect of an Ed Miliband premiership is too awful for many of us to contemplate. But it remains the most likely outcome, and Labour's NHS cynicism may help Ed on his way.

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