Big Brother Watch launches Civil Liberties manifesto

Leading campaign group releases 2015 manifesto on data privacy and civil liberties ahead of the General Election

by the commentator on 4 February 2015 09:31


Campaign group Big Brother Watch has unveiled its newly revamped website and launched its Civil Liberties Manifesto ahead of the 2015 General Election.

The document provides analysis of key pledges made before the 2010 election by the Conservative, Labour and Liberal Democrat parties. It then examines the commitments made in the Coalition Agreement by the Conservatives and the Liberal Democrats following the 2010 General Election.

Speaking to The Commentator, Matthew Elliott, Founder of Big Brother Watch, said: “I am thrilled that Big Brother Watch has reached this milestone.  When the organisation was first conceived we had no idea that the campaign would get traction so quickly and make such a demonstrable impact on British politics.

Over the past five years Big Brother Watch has encouraged and inspired changes to policy and offered advice to citizens and MPs alike. For such a small team their influence has been mighty.  I applaud everyone who has been involved with the organisation for their tenacity and hard work.

It is a sad indictment on our society that the threat to our privacy and civil liberties remain but with the launch of the 2015 manifesto, Big Brother Watch ensure that they will continue to fight the battle this year, and next and hopefully for many more years to come.” 

The final section of the manifesto highlights the ten key areas that Big Brother Watch believe require urgent attention in order to protect and enhance our civil liberties. The topics range from ensuring that the activities of our intelligence services are properly overseen to protecting members of the public from unwanted intrusion into their homes.

The proposals also consider the issue of online freedom by recommending changes to the laws governing social media and the process by which internet sites can be censored.

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