INSTANT VIEW: Political correctness raped Rotherham's children

Now it's official: A culture of political correctness led to the rape and abuse of thousands of children in Labour Rotherham. This is what multiculturalist ideology has led to, and all those in media and politics who pushed the PC agenda should now hang their heads in shame UPDATE BELOW

Where PC raped the children
the commentator
On 4 February 2015 13:13

The latest investigation, sanctioned by the government, has finally come out and said it: political correctness was at the heart of the appalling sex abuse scandal in Labour Rotherham where the cries of thousands of children, who were raped and sexually abused, were ignored because the perpetrators were mainly of Pakistani Muslim origin, and that just didn't fit the narrative.

Whose narrative? Let's be clear. Political correctness is quintessentially an ideology of the political Left. It has been pushed, mainly, by the Guardian newspaper, and then given a far wider audience through mainstream media, the BBC at the head of the field.

From there, this pernicious ideology spread like a virus through all sections of society, including local councils and the police.

What happened in Rotherham may well, therefore, be the tip of the iceberg. This was a case of mass abuse. But on how many occasions have the pleas of children been ignored in one-off cases which won't make it to the headlines?

The government has launched an inquiry. That is the right thing to do. But unless we as a society now renounce this evil ideology, rooted in the ideological Left's multiculturalist prejudices, there won't be any progress.

This is a battle for justice. But it is also a battle of ideas.

For the sake of our children, it is one we must win.

UPDATE: Within 24 hours, the story has disappeared from mainstream media in the UK....

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