What do Gaddafi, the Occupy protesters and the British Media have in common?

The British media is obsessed with 'the Jews' and their 'influence'. No wonder the kids aren't alright.

Anti-Semitism is rife within the #Occupy protests
The Commentator
On 21 October 2011 15:06

Before we answer this question we have to pay tribute to the British-French led effort to oust the now deceased dictator.

One of the world's very worst tyrants now sleeps with the fishes, though not in the literal sense as per Osama bin Laden.

Efforts led by hawks in the British cabinet have resulted in the former Blair bedfellow being served up some justice - NATO style. Libya now has the opportunity to be genuinely free. This is a prospect worth relishing, though we are not naive about Libya's future. It will require hard work, goodwill and luck to transition to a functioning democracy.

With this in mind you'll note we wish the best to people in Iran, China, North Korea, Syria and further to cast off the shackles of dictatorship. If the correct circumstances arise, which inevitably they will, then we should make every conceivable effort to assist them in their goals.

Meanwhile we in the West bear witness to the increasingly solid alliance of ideological extremists.

For example, the hard left – those whom we now see taking part in the ‘Occupy Protests’ - and Islamists both continue to argue that we in the West actually do live under a 'banking tyranny' -  and it is becoming glaringly obvious from where and how this farcical narrative is being predicated. 

Deeply rooted racial undertones coarse beneath the surface of these movements. You can take a look for yourself, from Los Angeles to New York through London and Rome, we are observing an intrinsic anger towards the 'new world order' and distaste for Israel and Jews is squarely at the centre of this; the unifying factor that transcends ideological boundaries.

It's fair to argue that while all the aforementioned anti-Semitism palpably emanates from within the 'occupy' movements, not all 'occupy' activists are anti-Semitic.

But those who are can be loud, rabble-rouser types spreading their racist fallacies in what are effectively Kibbutzim across the world.

As Daniel Hannan MEP noted recently, the anti-capitalists parked outside St. Paul's Cathedral are directing their efforts in the wrong place.

And so is the British media.

Like Colonel Gaddafi, top British news outlets have turned their attention to what they seemingly view as 'the enemy within'.

As Dr. Liam Fox gets used to his seat on the back benches, we at The Commentator have noticed a diabolical trend in the style of reporting about his business dealings.

From the Guardian to the Telegraph, media types now follow in the path of the ideological extremists and have allowed a certain constituency to be the focal point of their attention. Is it the money coming from the friends of Arab dictators? No of course not.

The real problem here is of course, the Jews.

Look around for yourself, we certainly have herehere and here. Time after time we have witnessed the media leading this assault; trying to find conspiracy theories, invoking age-old myths and of course hiding everything under the guise of good old fashioned, honest criticism of Israel.

So, note down the names, the number of mentions of Israel and the 'Jewish lobby'. This isn't a reporting of the facts. This is a good old fashioned Goebbels-style hit job. No wonder the kids aren't alright.

We are of course looking forward to a more in depth investigation into the money pouring into the Labour party as a result of the Gaddafi relationship, or perhaps they might like to splash some front pages with Wafic Said's face and investigate his relationship with the Conservative Middle East Council, Tariq Ramadan - grandson of Hassan al Banna, who founded the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt – and other Middle East interest groups.

But then again, we won't hold our breath.

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