Labour’s Tristram Hunt sneers; Catholics having nun of it

Not content with waging war against British businesses, Labour is now attacking Catholic nuns who teach. Shadow education secretary Tristram Hunt’s ignorant and arrogant putdowns have infuriated Catholics and Labour is one step closer to losing the election

Making a mockery: why does Labour laugh at Catholics?
Steven George-Hilley
On 8 February 2015 17:02

Britain’s education system has benefited tremendously from the hard work and contribution of faith-based organisations, and in particular the work of the Catholic Church.

The league tables and Ofsted reports consistently prove that these schools not only provide high quality education but equip pupils with caring values and an ethos that many ‘modern’ Labour schools couldn’t hope to match.

The recipe for success in the Catholic education system isn’t simply down to the religious conviction of the teachers. It comes from a much stronger sense of community, with proactive parents playing key role in their child’s development, both in school and at Church.

The additional time spent together at Sunday School and Mass inevitably enables much stronger bonds to be formed between pupil, parent and priest, leading to better grades.

Unfortunately, in Labour’s eyes, Catholic schools are simply another threat which they feel they must attack.

As we heard last week on BBC Question Time, Labour’s shadow education secretary Tristram Hunt is particularly concerned about ‘unqualified’ nuns teaching children.

This issue irritates him so much, that he felt the need to issue a withering putdown of former Catholic Herald editor Christina Odone as she praised her own schooling by nuns.

Ms Odone said, "The most inspiring teachers I've ever encountered were not out of teacher training college. You know what, they taught values, not British values, they taught real values."

With a sarcastic and arrogant tone, Hunt interrupted saying, "These were nuns. These were all nuns, weren't they?"

The audience and panel members, including education secretary Nicky Morgan sat open-mouthed, but Hunt continued his tirade:

"I know about your religious schooling and there's a difference I think between a state education system having qualified teachers in the classroom."

Now, many of us have already seen Ed Miliband and his team attack pretty much every great British business, so why not nuns and Catholics as well?

The reason why Hunt’s sneering attitude towards Catholic education is so offensive is that everybody knows he wouldn’t dare speak like that about Muslims or other religions. But with Catholics, as always, Labour consider it fair game to bash a religious group that has much such an important cultural and educational contribution to Britain.

The truth is that Labour has no faith in faith-based education. They can’t control it, they don’t understand it and they most certainly do not respect it. Under Ed Miliband, Labour doesn’t only hate our great businesses, it hates our religious education too.

Everyone knows that general election campaigns can be murky and often negative, but Labour’s current agenda is both spiteful and counterproductive to the UK. Never has a party seeking government made such vitriolic attacks on some of our finest national institutions without any consideration for the consequences.

The truth is that apart from economic chaos and a bitter, vengeful agenda, Ed Miliband and the Labour party offer absolutely nothing for our country’s future.

With such a backwards agenda, voters should think long and hard about letting this lot into Downing Street.

Steven George-Hilley is a director at the Parliament Street think tank. He is a Contributing Editor to The Commentator @StevenGeorgia

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