Labour’s pink van sham is the latest Miliband blunder

Labour’s latest pink van blunder demonstrates how Ed Miliband is becoming a political parody instead of a Prime Minister in waiting. With voters anxious about the economy, jobs and growth a joke Prime Minister is the last thing they need

Meeting women at the kitchen table: another campaign blunder from Labour
Georgia Toffolo
On 13 February 2015 08:43

The next election is one of the most important for a generation. After years of grossly irresponsible overspending and mismanagement from Labour, our economy is finally showing signs of improvement.

The road to recovery has been painful, but after taking some tough decisions, Britain is finally getting back on track. Voters are looking for serious policies and solutions to accelerate the recovery and provide stability for hardworking families.

This means electing a Prime Minister who will get on with the job of reducing the deficit and helping more people into work. A stronger economy will mean more stability and opportunity for everyone and, with this in mind, it must be a number one priority for the next government.

After the bacon sandwich fiasco, you probably thought Ed Miliband’s campaign to become Prime Minister couldn’t be anymore chaotic or embarrassing. But just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse, up pops deputy leader Harriet Harman in a pink bus promising to talk to women ‘at the kitchen table.’

Perhaps Labour is trapped in a 1970s time warp? But I very much doubt that women voters consider the kitchen table to be their defining feature in modern Britain.

Sadly this language is typical of the male-dominated trade unions that bankroll Labour and view women as ‘window dressing’ instead of individuals.

Maybe Ed Miliband is deliberately resorting to ‘Carry On’ movie tactics in a desperate bid to secure some media attention? If that is his motive, than it has been achieved, but once again his party looks hopelessly disorganised and out of touch.

Worst of all, it is clear there would be utter chaos if they ever got into Number 10.

This was a point highlighted by David Cameron in Prime Ministers Questions when he said:

“What Britain's families need to get on most of all is the security of a good school place, and we are providing them, the security of a good job, and we are providing them, and the security of a safe community, and we are providing them.

“I have to say [about] Labour's campaign -- I would say the wheels are falling off the wagon, but I think the wheels are falling off the bus. We now know it is not going to be driven by anyone on the front bench, surprise, surprise it is going to be driven by Unite.”

As we approach the general election, voters will be looking for clear and tangible policies to speed up the recovery and build a brighter future for Britain. In that time, I am sure there will be many more union-funded publicity stunts from the Labour Party to attempt to gain media attention.

But voters will not be fooled by Ed Miliband’s bizarre and chaotic campaign. Because they know that Britain needs a long-term economic plan, not a tacky pink Labour Party van.

Georgia Toffolo has recently been appointed to Parliament Street as events manager and stars in E4’s Made in Chelsea @GeorgiaToffolo

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