ICM Poll: Conservatives surge into four point lead over Labour

Ed Miliband's campaign suffers a major blow as David Cameron's Conservatives gain six points on last month in latest ICM poll

by the commentator on 16 February 2015 13:58


David Cameron’s Conservatives have secured a poll surge, according to a new ICM poll published in The Guardian today. The party has seen its support increase by six points, giving the Tories a four point leader over Ed Miliband’s Labour Party.

The Conservatives were put at 36 percent, Labour 32, the LibDems on 10, UKIP on only 9, and the Greens on 7.

With 80 days before the general election, the Guardian noted, the Conservatives are only one point down on their polling from the 2010 election. The news will be met with enthusiasm by the Conservative Party, coming a week after a series of challenging headlines.

The Conservative message of competence vs chaos and the promise of a long-term economic plan appears to be resonating with voters who are rejecting what is widely seen as Ed Miliband’s anti-business agenda.

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