European Commission still fails to confirm it opposes plans for blasphemy laws against "Islamophobia"

The European Commission has still not made a full and unambiguous statement that it would work to block any attempts to stifle criticism of Islam via de facto blasphemy laws touted by Muslim lobby groups in Brussels

by the commentator on 3 March 2015 17:42


Two months after the horrific attacks in Paris against Charlie Hebdo and a Jewish supermarket, sources in Brussels say debate still rages within the European Commission and related EU institutions as to whether attempts by Muslim groups to use the law to prevent offence against Islam should be supported or opposed.

While analysts say the secularist European Union would never call bans on criticism, or ridicule of, religion, especially Islam, "blasphemy", there is a well-spring of sympathy in Brussels for a "more cohesive" approach to the multicultural society.

The Commentator reported in January that many officials in Brussels were sympathetic to calls for the use of "hate speech" legislation to effect the equivalent of strengthened blasphemy laws, but thought they were not practicable at the present time.

One source contacted by The Commentator this week said it was an ongoing conversation and that no-one in a position of authority would go on the record about it.

Given that almost two months have now passed since questions, without a clear response, were first posed to the European Commission about this matter, the mystery deepens.

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