Cameron will be a lamb to the slaughter if he shirks televised debates

Ed Miliband is running a campaign of blatant vote buying. He offers everything to everyone. But his reckless populism won't be exposed unless Cameron drops this insane reluctance to get involved in leadership debates. Grow some cojones Dave!

by Westminster shrink on 6 March 2015 14:44

What on earth is David Cameron playing at? Watching Ed Miliband's highly effective performance in his People's Question Time on Friday morning the answer dawned on me. Cameron is playing at being a lamb to the slaughter for the May general election.

Or, sticking with the animal metaphors, is he Chicken Dave?

Whoever is advising the Prime Minister to run and hide from debates that the British people both want and have a right to had better listen up. Here's the deal.

Ed Miliband is a reckless, incompetent, narcissistic, social populist vote-buyer who will promise everything to everyone in order to get into Number 10. And here's the breaking news: social populism works unless it is ruthlessly exposed.

The media can go some way to doing that, but they can never be as tough on him as Cameron can. Miliband needs to be broken, his shallowness exposed.

And as both leader of the Conservative Party and a prime minister who has had a track record of making difficult decisions for the long term benefit of the country, he is in the perfect position to do the job.

What's he afraid of? Most of the public think Miliband's an idiot. All Cameron has to do is drive the message home.

But he's not going to do that if he's locked himself in the toilet and is telling his advisors that he won't come out until that nasty Mr. Miliband goes away of his own accord.

As of right now, the most likely outcome of the general election is for a hung parliament with Labour as the largest party. That'll put Miliband into Number 10.

Got the point Dave? Now grow some cojones and let's see you fight.

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