Ed Miliband's indecent SNP proposal

The Labour leader betrayed his own brother, tore his family apart and has an arrogant disdain for British businesses. His latest plot to team up with the Scottish National Party is entirely fitting with his lack of character and is another reminder why he is not fit to be Prime Minster of this great country.

In the pocket of the SNP: the slithering Ed Miliband
Steven George-Hilley
On 11 March 2015 19:47

To the vast majority of Britons, family comes first above all else. The brotherly bonds that cement sibling relationships are as unbreakable as love and protection for parents and those dearest to us.

So when Ed Miliband decided to challenge his brother David for the Labour leadership with a vicious and highly personal campaign, he revealed a darker side to his character that the vast majority of people struggle to comprehend.

Such were the grievous wounds inflicted on his own family that to this day David Miliband says he will never ‘erase the memory’ of what happened. One can only imagine the pain his mother had suffered seeing her two boys separated and at war in such a public and nasty campaign.

But none of this has stopped Ed Miliband on his quest for power. Just ask the many thousands of employees from British businesses that have been on the receiving end of his public attacks. Boots, Sports Direct, Waitrose and Next are all towering success stories to most working people, but to men like Ed Miliband, they are targets for his destruction.

One wonders how a man who grew up in a world of aloof privilege and academia could seriously consider himself fit for office as Prime Minister of Great Britain. Ed Miliband has never had a proper job, has only ever worked for the Labour Party and cares nothing for the businesses that help put food on the table for hardworking Britons

Last year, the sacred bond of Britain was nearly broken by the Scottish National Party (SNP), which threatened to break up a similar family union that had endured conflict and change.

But with the SNP making gains into Labour’s heartland and Ed Miliband’s appalling poll ratings predicting certain doom in May, is he about to strike a deal with the party that wants to break up Britain?

Labour’s line is that they have ‘no plans’ to do a deal with the SNP. Such wording refuses to rule out a pact with the nationalists, implying that if Labour fails to get the seats it needs, then that plan could change overnight.

Doubtless, Mr Miliband will betray Britain to those who would see it broken up in a heartbeat, with the same callousness that enabled him to do the dirty on his brother David.

So Labour’s latest line that Ed Miliband is a man of ‘decency’ isn’t simply flawed it is downright dishonest. Contrast the love that David Cameron shows for his family, to the clinical and robotic political manoeuvring of the Labour leader and you can see what sets them clearly apart.

The British people saw Ed Miliband’s darker side during the Labour leadership election, and few can forget his brother’s look of devastation and the public fall-out that followed. A man that is prepared to inflict this pain on a sibling and his own mother is a man fully prepared to do a deal with the SNP and put Britain’s future at risk.

Britain is a country of heart, of soul and decency. Ed Miliband simply doesn’t fit the job description, and does not deserve to become Prime Minister. 

Steven George-Hilley is a director at the Parliament Street think tank. He is a Contributing Editor to The Commentator @StevenGeorgia

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