Tea Party sticks to its convictions

As the government shutdown loomed large last Friday, was the Tea Party movement the driving force behind government cuts?

Was the Tea Party responsible for the US budget cuts?
Andrew Ian Dodge
On 11 April 2011 18:24

Last Friday saw a dramatic showdown in Washington DC between three sides: The Democrats, the old guard Republicans and the Tea Party.  To many observers it seemed that both of the former groups wanted a government shutdown so as to blame it on the Tea Party movement -- seen as as much a threat by many Republicans as by Democrats.

It proves a couple of things: First the power of the Tea Party and how afraid the establishment is of it; The second, the lengths to which the establishment on both sides of the traditional divide will go to protect their place in DC.

The threat of shutdown was far from the fault of the Tea Party movement (and its friendly politicians) and more the fault of old guard Republicans obsessed with their pet peeves.  Those Republicans would risk a situation in which the government would risk paying the troops in order to get their "riders" through. Riders are just like earmarks and they are a way of adding stuff onto a bill that has nothing to do with the bill itself.

Tea Party activists were all over the press to express their dismay at the machinations.  The tea Party Republicans held their ground, pushed and won in the end. The government didn’t shut down and some spending was cut.

Mind you it was almost as minor as the so-called cuts in the UK. Considering the size of the debt and deficit, $30+ billion is barely a drop in the bucket.  Yes of course there was a similar type of bleating coming from the left (though no riots yet).  Then again there is the next round coming rather soon.

All sides, including much of the press, were preparing to pin the blame on the Tea Party movement. But yet again they held their ground and stuck to their core values. And people wondered why Chris Barron of GOProud & I wrote the letter asking the new intake of 2010 to stick to the fiscal issues back in November.

Mitch Daniels, governor of Indiana, echoed similar sentiments in various speeches and has done himself great deal of good if he wishes to run for President.

Far from hurting the Tea Party cause this fracas has helped the movement and its allied politicians whether in office or running for it in the future.  Of course, some who claimed the tea bag adorned mantel for their own ends have proven themselves to be fakes only keen on their own careers.

Each time there are these sort of challenges in DC those that stick to their core values win the day.  

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