Internet of Things Poses UK Cybersecurity Risk - Veracode Report

Internet of Things devices are at risk of attack from cybercrimals accordingy to a new report from security specialists Veracode

by the commentator on 8 April 2015 13:43


The sharp rise in connected devices in British homes as part of the Internet of Things (IoT) trend are increasingly at risk of a cyberattack by hackers, according to a new report from Veracode, a leading provider of application testing technology.

The company studied six common at-home devices, including the Chamberlain MyQ Internet Gateway, the Chamberlain MyQ Garage, the SmartThings Hub, the Ubi, the Wink Hub, and the Wink Relay.

Among the issues found were open debugging interfaces that could allow remote attackers to run arbitrary code on the device itself such as spyware; serious protocol weakness that allow passive observers to access sensitive data or control of the device; and lack of adherence to best practices to protect users’ accounts against weak passwords and common password-guessing techniques.

“It’s hard to not be excited about what the IoT has enabled and will bring in the future, although that doesn’t mean cybersecurity should be sacrificed in the process,” said Brandon Creighton, Veracode Security Research Architect.

“We need to look at the IoT holistically to ensure that the devices, as well as their web and mobile applications and back-end cloud services, are built securely from their inception.  Security should not be treated as an afterthought or add-on, or we risk putting our personal information in jeopardy or even opening the door to physical harm.”

The news comes following Chancellor George Osborne’s pledge of £40million of extra investment to help accelerate the development of new innovative solutions for health, social care and smart cities."

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