Ed Miliband’s Obama election guru David Axelrod pays no tax in Britain

Obama strategist David Axelrod strongly criticised for enjoying a £300,000 salary for advising the Labour Party, but paying no tax in Britain

by the commentator on 16 April 2015 07:53


Ed Miliband’s high profile election strategist David Axelrod has confirmed he pays no tax on his salary in Britain, according to The Daily Telegraph. The news is likely to be deeply embarrassing for the Labour party which has pledged to crack down on foreigners who secure income from the UK but pay their taxes abroad.

Axelrod, a former adviser to Barack Obama, admitted that he is not resident for tax purposes in the UK telling reporters "I don't do my accounting so I don't know but I'm not in residence there."

Axelrod’s position stands in stark contrast to that of Lynton Crosby the Australian election strategist advising David Cameron’s Conservative Party. Crosby is understood to pay full UK tax on his consultancy fee.

A Labour MP said: "I don't understand what we are getting for the £300,000, I think it is an obscene amount, I don't think he brings anything to the party. I have heard nothing from him and I don't want to. He's totally invisible."

Patrick Sullivan, CEO of the Parliament Street think tank said, “If Labour are incompetent enough to waste £300,000 on an invisible election strategist, the least they could do is get him to make a contribution to the British economy and pay his taxes.”

“Ed Miliband is once again deceiving the British people, and reminding everyone why he’s simply not fit to be Prime Minister,” he added. 

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