Transport for London issues 3,500 tablet devices to staff

London Transport organisation equips workers with thousands of mobile phones and tablet computers as part of the government’s digital by default agenda.

by the commentator on 16 April 2015 13:02


Transport for London (TFL) has ramped up the number of mobile tablet devices it issues to staff, nearly doubling tablet use for work in the last two years, new research has revealed.

The data was obtained by technology company Veracode, a leader in protecting enterprises from today’s pervasive web and mobile application threats, were released under Freedom of Information legislation (FoI), and examine TfL’s mobile device usage since 2010.

The transport provider issued 3,500 tablet devices last year, nearly twice the number supplied in 2012 (1,766). It has also increased the number of mobile phones issued to staff by nearly a third over the past five years, with laptop distribution also up 14 per cent over the same period.

Total mobile device distribution reached 23,459 last year, a 48 per cent increase from 2010, whereby 15,935 devices were issued.

The news comes ahead of London Mayor Boris Johnson's planned closure of 250 ticket offices in the capital, which is expected to save £50m a year. 

Commenting on the news, Chris Wysopal, co-founder, CISO and CTO at Veracode, has welcomed TfL’s commitment to mobile investment and advises any enterprise taking similar steps to put in place robust security measures to reduce the risk associated with their now significantly expanded attack surface:

“Equipping workers with the latest mobile devices will help improve commuter experience and streamline day-to-day administrative activity across London’s transport infrastructure.  

“While TfL is leading the way in embracing the latest technologies, it should also ensure that rigorous security measures are put in place to reduce risk from mobile malware and unsafe applications. 

“Cybercriminals relentlessly target mobile applications to steal sensitive data and spy on mobile users. As a result, it is now becoming a best practice for organisations to implement mobile device management (MDM) systems – powered by continuously-updated security intelligence about unsafe and malicious mobile apps – to enforce security and privacy policies on their employee’s devices in order to keep cyberattackers out.”

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