TV Debate: Cameron loses, Farage wins, Thick Britain reigns

The disgrace of Cameron disrespecting the British people by not turning up for the election debate was a gift to Nigel Farage. The Left populists were what they were. The MSM didn't get the point that we're fed up with garbage-level debate. It was a panorama of Thick Britain, and the BBC loved its far-Left audience

Thinkers weren't present
the commentator
On 16 April 2015 19:01

The most disgraceful aspect to the BBC election debate was not that Prime Minister David Cameron didn't turn up. That was a disgrace.

But far worse was the pathetic spectacle of the BBC, Sky and all the other mainstream media insiders not getting the point: there is a new politics on its way, and none among them and their crony insider friends was within a million miles of understanding that.

Obviously, Nigel Farage won. That's because he had the audacity to tell the truth: about Europe; immigration; the economy; housing; and austerity.

All the other parties -- hardline hack and robot-populist Nicola Sturgeon of the SNP was the worst -- simply appealed to the easiest instincts of the populace: vote for us and we'll give you some money.

Lost-in-space Green Party leader Natalie Bennett was the stupidest, but that was not difficult to predict. The air-head from Plaid Cymru was nice enough, if you want a hairdresser from Swansea telling you what to think about public policy.

Ed Miliband looked like he was confronting dissident voices in the Politburo, while all of them were so different from Nigel Farage it almost hurt to watch.

The BBC got the kind of debate it has always wanted: four Leftists against a Right-winger being booed by the "objectively" selected audience.

Which brings us back to David Cameron. Where was he? And don't give us this Westminster Village tosh that he was soooo clever in allowing the Left to tear itself apart.

People aren't that stupid. They just look at the fact that the PM couldn't be bothered to turn up, and switch off from the old politics altogether.

Don't hold your breath for anything remotely like this from the insider pundits lined up in the mainstream media.

The quality of discussion was pathetic. In the end, Thick Britain won this debate.

And that's why we need to run a coach and horses through this dumbed down political system and its mainstream media cronies, and build something we can finally be proud of.

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