Syria's Assad says most dangerous ISIS leaders are from Scandinavia

As concerns continue to grow about Europeans departing to join ISIS, Syrian President Bashar al-Assad has revealed that he believes the most dangerous ISIS leaders may not be either homegrown or from Britain or France, but from Scandinavia

by the commentator on 17 April 2015 13:22


Jihadi John is British. But Jihadi Bjorn may well be from Scandinavia. According to Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, the most dangerous leaders of Islamic State (also widely known as ISIS) come from Nordic countries such as Sweden and Norway.

Swedish media outlet The Local reported on Friday that Assad had given a video interview to Swedish tabloid newspaper Expressen in which he said:

"As long as we have terrorism growing in different European countries, Sweden cannot be safe... The most dangerous leaders of Isis in our region are Scandinavian…that’s what we have as information."

Analysts believe Muslims account for around five percent of the Swedish population, with that percentage projected to double by 2030, according to cautious estimates.

According to The Local, Sweden's Security Service (Säpo) says that at least 150 Swedes have gone to fight for ISIS, with 35 of them having been killed.

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