Bizarre Green bigotry against Israel

Laughing-stock UK Green Party leader Natalie Bennett has reaffirmed her party's support for boycotts against Israel, underlining in typically bizarre style that the ideological Left in Britain remains the main repository of bigotry against the Jewish state. UPDATE: See insane, Nazi-level video link at the bottom

Green Party leader Natalie Bennett
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On 19 April 2015 08:39

Britain's Green Party, led by the hapless Natalie Bennett, is pretty much a stereotypical ragbag of tree-huggers at the nice and squishy end of the spectrum and hard-line Lefist ideologues at the other end who never really recovered from the fall of the Berlin Wall and departed from traditional Left-wing politics on the grounds that it had sold out to capitalism.

With the latter strand of Green thinking in mind -- and it is there that one finds the most influential voices in the party -- no surprise then that the Greens have emerged as the party with the most bigoted approach to Israel among all those vying for representation at the general election in two and a half weeks time.

A report in the Jewish Chronicle (JC) underlines how bigotry and willful ignorance go hand in hand. In an interview on Friday, Bennett affirmed her support for boycotts of Israeli artists, musicians and academics, as well as an arms embargo and suspension of the EU-Israel Association Agreement.

"We need to get the message across to the Israeli state. It needs to comply with international law and human rights.... The boycott of Israel is Green Party policy. It is a really difficult area, but I would support the policy,” she said.

Singling out a state that just happens to be Jewish is nothing new of course. But what was striking in the Jewish Chronicle's interview was Bennett's absolute refusal to go to Israel (she has never been) and see the situation for herself, along with the most extraordinary reasons for not doing so.

She said: "I have sort of lost my travel lust to be honest.. I am Australian, I travelled a lot, I came to Europe and I travelled around Asia."

Good grief. Do these people have no shame?

When it comes to the Greens, apparently not. According to the JC:

"The Green Party has come under fire after Twickenham candidate Tanya Williams called Israel “a racist and apartheid state” on Tuesday and deputy leader Sharer Ali was filmed at an anti-Israel rally saying: “Just because you observe the niceties of Holocaust Memorial Day it does not mean you have learned the lessons of history.”'

Ah yes, those "niceties" about the Holocaust...

p.s. You really need to look at this video extract of the Green deputy leader in one of the craziest anti-Israel rants you'll have ever seen. This was at a rally in London, but it looks more like something from the Third Reich...

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