Ignore the dissembling, Labour would definitely govern with the SNP

Why is there even any doubt about it? Of course, Ed Miliband would accept SNP support to get into Number 10. After all, he stabbed his own brother in the back to get a shot at it. You really think he'd hesitate if the electoral maths allowed it after May 7?

by Anticybernat on 19 April 2015 15:33

So, Ed Miliband stabs his own brother in the back to give him a chance of moving into Downing Street, but, if the electoral maths allow it, he wouldn't do a deal with the the SNP after the election to make it a certainty? Get real.

Why is this even considered worthy of serious debate? Miliband is an opportunistic Left-wing English populist and SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon is a Scottish one. It won't be a difficult deal to broker.

Labour would govern as a minority, with the SNP keeping them in power in return for extra funding in Scotland which Sturgeon would spin as evidence of how her party looks after its own people's interests, thus shoring up its position. It's not rocket science.

And if the argument is that Labour wouldn't do the deal because the SNP would make a second referendum the price of one, consider the following:

1) There's no way there would be another referendum in the putative five year life-span of the next parliament anyway, and the SNP knows it. They're thinking six or seven years hence; not four or five.

2) Even if that assumption is wrong, Miliband's craving for the post of prime minister is such that he'd accept a two or three year term of office, after which whatever agreement he struck up with the SNP could be allowed to fall apart in favour of another general election. Much may have changed in two or three years time. Why not just take the opportunity whilst it's there?

Ask yourself this. Has Ed Miliband ever done anything on a point of principle?

Right then. If Labour emerges as the largest single party, and the SNP does as well as the polls suggest, you know what is likely to happen.

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