50 shades of Sturgeon: Ed Miliband sleeping with the enemy

The Labour leader knows deep down that his only route into Number 10 is in the arms of Nicola Sturgeon and the Scottish National Party. Such an outcome wouldn’t simply put Britain’s international credibly at risk, it would lead to the simultaneous breakup and bankruptcy of our great country. Don’t risk it

In bed with the enemy: Ed Miliband is getting close to the SNP
Clare George-Hilley
On 26 April 2015 19:01

Nicola Sturgeon is confident of victory in the upcoming elections, so confident that she’s already issuing orders to Ed Miliband, the hapless Labour Party leader claiming he will, “have to change his tune" after polling day.

On current polling from Panelbase her party is set to secure 48 percent of the vote in Scotland, wiping out Labour’s support and claiming the scalps of Scottish Labour leader Jim Murphy and a whole host of other senior figures.

With the Scottish National Party (SNP) on course to deliver a hammer blow to Labour in Scotland, Sturgeon knows that now the time is right to start asserting her dominance over Ed Miliband so that when the time comes to strike a deal she is firmly fixed in the driving seat.

It’s hard to comprehend the damage an alliance between a debt-loving irresponsible Labour party and a smash and grab SNP would inflict on Great Britain, but it’s easy to identify the ideological similarities between the two.

Both Sturgeon and Miliband seem to believe that welfare and benefits are a legitimate life choice and should be served up on a silver platter to those who cannot be bothered to work.

Both Sturgeon and Miliband have a mental block that prevents them from understanding that debt is a bad thing and that it’s irresponsible to continually waste taxpayers’ money. Both are deceptive and devious, Miliband broke up his family, whilst Sturgeon wants to rip Scotland from the United Kingdom, destroying a heritage so many hold dear.

Throughout this election, Ed Miliband has made a series of pledges claiming there will be no deals with the SNP, repeating the assertion on The Andrew Marr Show yesterday. Nobody believes him, because they know he cannot achieve the number of seats needed for a Labour majority.

His party is significantly behind both in terms of leadership ratings and competence on the economy, factors which could give David Cameron a last minute boost as voters go to the polls on May 7.

This is the same Ed Miliband that during the election campaign has repeatedly boasted about standing up to David Cameron and Barack Obama over Syria. Of course, what actually happened, as was widely reported at the time, was that Miliband gave informal backing to military action and then changed his tune to scupper the vote, leaving David Cameron isolated.

Such obscene political manoeuvring over children being burned with napalm and chemical weapons revealed much about the sinister side of the deceptive Ed Miliband.

This is the same Ed Miliband who has also suggested that David Cameron’s intervention in Libya has led to the drowning of migrants attempting to flee the troubled country. Again revealing the same calculating cruelty that allowed him to ruin his brother’s dreams and split up his family without any thought for the pain inflicted on his mother.

With these examples in mind, is there any doubt at all that Ed Miliband wouldn’t get into bed with the SNP to get himself into Downing Street? Of course not, he’s already planning the marriage of convenience right now and it’s the British people that will be picking up the bill.

To those UKIP defectors who are still itching to get one over on David Cameron, my message is simple and stark. Yes you’re angry, yes you’re looking forward to sending a message to the Conservative Party, but never would such a move be so irresponsible as at this election.

A vote for any other party other than the Conservatives will allow Nicola Sturgeon and the SNP into Downing Street, carried in the arms of the grinning Ed Miliband.

The polls are close and the race will go down to the wire, but this is one election where all those who seriously care about Britain’s economic future and its relationship with Scotland must unite under one blue banner.

Failure to unite will unleash chaos on our country and lead to the SNP dictating the future policies of high debts and unlimited welfare to a weak and spineless Prime Minister like Ed Miliband. It would be a disaster that would be difficult to undo. Don’t risk our country’s future.

Clare George-Hilley is Director of Communities and Social Justice, Parliament Street Research Council. She is a Contributing Editor to The Commentator. Follow Clare George-Hilley on Twitter @ClareHilley 

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