Poll: UKIP’s Farage falls behind in Thanet South election race

Nigel Farage polling two points behind the Conservatives in critical target seat of Thanet South as his aides face criticism for disastrous US trip

by the commentator on 29 April 2015 15:29


UKIP leader Nigel Farage has fallen two points behind the Conservatives in the race for Thanet South, according to a newly published Ashcroft poll.

The research revealed that the Conservatives are currently polling 34 percent in the constituency with UKIP trailing on 32 percent.

The news will make uncomfortable reading for UKIP strategists as the party has poured significant campaign resources into the seat. Farage has stated that a failure to win in Thanet South will lead to him stepping down as UKIP leader.

Farage’s aides have also been criticised for encouraging the UKIP leader to travel to America and address a near-empty room instead of concentrating on target seats such as Thanet and Rochester and Strood.

David Cameron and the Conservatives are hoping that many UKIP supporters will lend their votes to the Tories in order to keep an SNP-Labour coalition out of government.

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