Cameron won leaders' discussion, Miliband got slaughtered, but where was Farage?

No doubt Cameron won the battle for credibility in Thursday's half-baked leaders' discussion. He did very well, and Milband was so bad it was almost funny. He blew it, and may never recover from the Yorkshire drubbing. But where the heck was Nigel Farage?

by Westminster shrink on 30 April 2015 18:32

If you could stay awake during the rather surreal BBC leaders' discussion broadcast on Thursday night, it was obvious that David Cameron made the best case for leading the nation.

Labour has no business even trying to be taken seriously after they wrecked the economy in such devastating fashion last time around, and come May 7 voters will probably reflect that, especially after Milband's dreadful performance.

Nick Clegg doesn't have a chance of being prime minister anyway, which really rather raises the question of why he was there and Nigel Farage, polling consistently 50-100 percent higher, was excluded. But the leaders' "debates" have been a right old mess from the time David Cameron made it clear he didn't really want to engage.

Objectively speaking, Cameron actually looked pretty convincing, and Conservatives will be very pleased by his performance. It was sometimes a tad on the shouty side, but he was really rather good -- his best public performance by far this election campaign.

By contrast, populist Miliband tried to drone on with his standard vote-buying spree, but got a West Yorkshire audience that was having none of it. Not at all!

He could never answer that point about the Labour party's appalling economic mismanagement whch got us into the mess in the first place. The businesswoman from Leeds simply ripped him to pieces. She might have single-handedly put Cameron back in Downing Street.

Overall, though, it could have been so much better. Even if democratic principles couldn't have prevailed in determining the make up of the discussion, couldn't good old fashioned entertainment value have allowed for a last minute showing by the UKIP leader?

At least he would have raised some serious issues about the European Union and immigration. He might even have said something unexpected, shock horror.

In the end it was yet another illustration that the old politics is bankrupt. But as per usual the mainstream media was too wrapped up in its own rather ridiculous self-importance to see what the rest of us are seeing.

That said, what a ripping-to-shreds Ed Milband got!

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