UKIP defector Elliot Nichols brands decision ‘a big mistake’

Problems for Nigel Farage as one of the party’s brightest defectors jumps ship branding his defection an error of judgement. Now backs Conservatives for general election 2015

by the commentator on 5 May 2015 09:11


A high-flying UKIP Councillor has quit the party claiming his decision to join was an error of judgement. Cllr Elliot Nichols of Waverley Borough Council was lured away from the Tories two years ago by a UKIP representative with salacious promises of power -- despite warnings from Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt and Council chiefs.

But this morning Nichols admitted his decision to jump ship was a grave error of judgement and gave his backing to David Cameron and the Conservatives.

He said:

“Two years ago I left the Conservative Party and joined UKIP. I switched in high hopes and much optimism. Since then events -- especially in recent months -- have convinced me that this was a grave error of judgement

“I made a mistake -- a big one -- and today I am proud to rectify it and have resigned from the UKIP group at Waverley Borough Council.

“We need an EU referendum, a sustainable NHS, better schools, immigration reform and above all a credible long term economic plan. To these challenges, each critical in its own way, UKIP offers no solutions: only soundbites and nasty ones at that.

“Meanwhile, the prospect of an Ed Miliband government supported by the SNP, poses great dangers, an economy in free fall and the Union in peril. In short, a vote for UKIP is now a vote for Ed Miliband and Nicola Sturgeon -- nothing else.

"If we want a strong economy and an EU referendum then there is no alternative to a strong Conservative majority, led by David Cameron, sticking with the plan, finishing the job and offering people a real choice of ‘in’ or ‘out’ on Europe”

Cllr Robert Knowles, the Leader of Waverley Borough Council said, “It is always good to see people admit their mistakes and eat their words!"

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