Apprentice star Alan Sugar tells Labour: ‘You’re fired’

Apprentice TV star Lord Alan Sugar has sensationally quit the Labour Party after Ed Miliband’s disastrous performance in the UK General Election

by the commentator on 11 May 2015 11:19


Lord Alan Sugar, star of BBC’s The Apprentice show, has sensationally quit the Labour Party blasting Ed Miliband’s ‘old Labour’ approach. In a statement published on his official website, the former Labour peer said, “By the start of this year, I had made my decision to resign from the party whatever the outcome of the general election.”

The news will inflict further damage on the Labour Party, which  struggled to connect with business leaders and working people during the election campaign. Sugar previously supported Gordon Brown in the 2010 general election.

A former British ambassador, writing on The Commentator today, provided his own intellectual punch as to why Miliband failed.

For his part, Lord Sugar added, “I have no wish to stick the boot into the party. There are many good people in Labour working hard every day to service the public, and I wish them the best of luck.

Patrick Sullivan, CEO of the Parliament Street think tank said, “Another day, another business leader distancing themselves from the Labour Party’s anti-business agenda.”

The Labour leadership race is already underway with Liz Kendall, Yvette Cooper, Andy Burnham and Chuka Umunna in the running.

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