Farage back as UKIP leader after party chiefs REJECT resignation

Leadership contest cancelled as Farage remains leader after his resignation is rejected by the party’s national executive committee

by the commentator on 11 May 2015 15:09


UKIP leader Nigel Farage has sensationally been returned as party leader, after his resignation was rejected by the organisation’s ruling committee. Farage had previously promised to step down as leader of the ‘People’s Army’ following defeat in the target seat of South Thanet.

In a brief statement, the party's National Executive Committee said the party had, "fought a positive campaign with a very good manifesto" and "despite negative attacks" had managed to secure four million votes, which it said was an "extraordinary achievement".

Steve Crowther, UKIP’s party chairman, said: "As promised Nigel Farage tendered his official resignation as leader of UKIP to the NEC. 

"This offer was unanimously rejected by the NEC members who produced overwhelmingly evidence that the UKIP membership did not want Nigel to go."

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