Rant Alert: Yes, shut down the unreformable far-Left BBC

The BBC and its allies are getting wet underpants at a Conservative victory in the UK general election. But don't start claiming they're the voice of the nation, when the BBC is a unreformable cultural-Marxist relic. And Brits have to pay for the propaganda by law! No more. Let's rant against the BBC!

by BBC Nemesis on 12 May 2015 14:28

All over the British media and commentariat, there is a residual affection for the BBC. Why? Really, why? What does the BBC provide? I'll come to the cultural Marxist bias that runs through the BBC like a bad cold at a school play in a moment.

But, you know what? No, I won't. I'll say it right now. Why should I have to pay for idiot-level Guardian readers to use my taxes to promote the following:

1) A big state full of tax-funded cronies;

2) Total denial about the dangers of Islamism;

3) A hate campaign against Israel;

4) Unthinking support for Britain's failed National Health Service;

5) Jobs for the boys and girls if you're a Left-leaning apologist;

6) Everything else I hate paying for, when I already have a subscription to SKY.

The BBC needs to be scrapped right away. And half-way house Rightists can go to hell too.

Now, that was a rant. But I'm right, aren't I?

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