Carswell in UKIP cash storm

UKIP’s flagship MP under fire for refusing to cash-in on the party’s large vote share in last week’s election

by the commentator on 13 May 2015 07:32


UKIP’s only MP has come under fire for refusing to accept £650,000 of taxpayers’ cash – money the party is entitled to following its strong performance in the general election.

Douglas Carswell, a former Tory who defected last summer is standing by his decision claiming that Nigel Farage and UKIP should be “prepared to reject” the money. Carswell, a passionate believer in smaller government, rejected proposals from UKIP’s senior team to cash-in on the party’s new electoral success.

But Carswell came under fire from Farage’s aides, with one senior party staffer saying, "This is him throwing his toys out of the pram because he thought Nigel wouldn't be leader any more."

Carswell hit back by telling the BBC "I am not a US senator", and adding "I don't need 15 staff".

UKIP Steven Woolfe MEP said, “Those briefing against Douglas Carswell must stop. He is a man of integrity and honour and that is to be respected.”

In recent months several other key UKIP figures have found themselves attacked in the media. Tim Aker, a leading MEP was branded ‘intellectually lightweight’ and Patrick O'flynn attacked for being ‘anti-business’.

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