UKIP MEPs to offer Farage ‘ultimatum’ to axe aggressive aides

Leading MEPs from UKIP are to confront Nigel Farage over the conduct of his aggressive and inexperienced aides next week. Where might this lead? UPDATE: Sources suggest one aide referred to police may be on the run in America, aka "on holiday"..

by the commentator on 14 May 2015 08:48


Nigel Farage’s closest aides could be axed next week due to their ‘aggressive and inexperienced’ conduct during the general election campaign, The Commentator can reveal.

It is understood that a leading group of furious MEPs and party grandees will confront the UKIP leader and call upon him to sack the aides with immediate effect.

The news comes following a front-page interview with The Times newspaper this morning where UKIP MEP Patrick O’Flynn attacked the “Tea Party, ultra-aggressive American influence,” that has engulfed the party since last autumn.

In recent months, several senior party figures have found themselves smeared in the national press including Douglas Carswell MP and Tim Aker MEP.

The Commentator has heard dire predictions from informed observers as to where this all may ultimately lead.

UPDATE: Sources say one aide reported to the British police may be on the run in the United States (aka "on holiday"..)

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