Kassam Axed: Farage’s right-hand man departs under shadow of crime allegations

Nigel Farage’s right-hand man Raheem Kassam -- under suspicion of multiple criminal offences -- has left the party, along with fellow director Matthew Richardson (who is not suspected of any unlawful conduct)

by the commentator on 14 May 2015 15:47


UKIP’s press office has confirmed that Raheem Kassam, the controversial aide to Nigel Farage, has left the party following a dispute with colleagues, The Commentator can reveal.

Kassam had already been reported to the police under the Fraud Act. He stands accused of multiple counts of fraud, as well as theft, blackmail and extortion. Tens of thousands of pounds are reported to be involved.

He is also accused of false and malicious accusations of harassment against his alleged victim.

Responding to the UKIP press office announcement, Kassam issued a statement saying: “I was GE2015 staff. My contract has always expired at the end of the month and I am on holiday until then. I continue to support the party under the leadership of Nigel Farage.”

Kassam came under fire for taking Nigel Farage to the US CPAC political conference prior to the general election campaign and has been branded ‘poisonous’ by UKIP MEP Patrick O'Flynn.

It is also understood that Matthew Richardson, a fellow aide to Farage, has submitted his resignation to the party. 

Kassam is thought to be in a foreign country, "on holiday".

Many members of the new media and political classes in the so-called Westminster Village actively supported Kassam, despite reasonable suspicion regarding his behaviour.

Interpol may be involved, given that Kassam's alleged offences took place in more than one jurisdiction. Cross-border tax crime regarding a UK law firm is also under consideration.

The force of Kassam's activity has pushed victims to contemplate suicide. This, in conjunction with a corrupt law-firm's behaviour, has been reported to the UK authorities, according to evidence seen by The Commentator.

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