Farage urged to disown "weird" Raheem Kassam after ‘repulsive attack’ on deputy

UKIP leader Nigel Farage is coming under growing pressure to disown Raheem Kassam, described as "totally weird" by former associates, after an article on the Breitbart news website attacked his female deputy accusing her of ‘crying and screaming’ in an astonishingly personal attack

by the commentator on 17 May 2015 14:50


UKIP leader Nigel Farage is today facing calls to disown his former aide Raheem Kassam, after a vicious article was published attacking the party’s deputy Suzanne Evans.

Ms. Evans, one of the few senior women in the UKIP team, is seen as a rising star in political circles and was accused of ‘crying’ and ‘screaming’ in an article published on the Breitbart news site.

Kassam, who was previously a member of the Conservative Party, is now running Breitbart London after Nigel Farage refused to renew his employment contract following a string of gaffes which led to the loss of Thanet South by several thousand votes.

Unrelated to his time at UKIP, Kassam has been reported to the police on allegations of fraud.

He has been described as "totally weird", by people who remember him walking around the Westminster village claiming he might, inter alia,  sell a website he was only a freelancer for to the Economist Group for 2 million pounds.

Supporters of Ms. Evans told The Commentator:

“It is disgusting that Nigel Farage has failed to condemn this hideous attack on his high profile female deputy.

"Until Nigel disowns Raheem Kassam then every attack this poisonous little man makes will be seen as endorsed by him.”

Kassam was booted out of UKIP’s top team along with Matthew Richardson. It is understood that the pair were heavily criticised for sending Farage to America for a bizarre US political conference instead of helping him campaign in Thanet South.

The Commentator's friendly associates read the overall situation with reference to the American Psychiatric Association's world standard Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM5). The sections on psychopathy and narcissitic personality disorder have been especially helpful, The Commentator's allies have said.

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