More contacts emerge between Occupy Wall Street and foreign interests.

A group called the Alliance for Global Justice has emerged to fill the void of leadership in the OWS movement, strengthening the ties between foreign interests and the anarchy on America's streets.

Eva Golinger speaks at an event with AFGJ's James Jordan.
The Commentator
On 31 October 2011 11:45

By now the activities of the Occupy Wall Street movement have become part of the daily news cycle.

Ne’er a day goes by without hearing about violence, public masturbation, sanitation problems, intra-OWS fights over the meager pot of money collected and other unsavory behavior of the small conglomeration of anarchists..

Information has also continued to emerge regarding nefarious forces “coordinating” the events of the protesters.

The Commentator was the first to break the story about Eva Golinger, an American/Venezuelan national and vocal Chavez/anti-democracy advocate, being active in the beginning of the OWS protests in New York. Now, further evidence has come to light to corroborate the initial story.

A group called the Alliance for Global Justice has emerged to fill the void of leadership in the OWS movement. On their web site, they have created a button to donate to the movement with the following message;

“Alliance for Global Justice is the fiscal sponsor for Occupy Wall Street. All donations made through this page are tax deductible. Thank you for supporting social justice and giving to Occupy Wall Street!”

As this is written, AfGJ has raised a total of $187,949.22 for OWS. But interestingly, the AfGJ is also the most radical, pro-Chavez organization in the United States.

It has four core projects. The most important project is the Venezuela Solidarity Campaign which proposes to, “to expose and oppose US government and corporate intervention in Venezuela’s sovereign affairs; to mobilize US residents to demand that relations between the two countries be based on peace and respect; and, to promote people-to-people exchanges between our two countries.”

Another project they call the “Respect for Democracy” states, as one of its major goals, the closure of “the misnamed National Endowment for Democracy.” (sic)

The Congressionally funded NED is of course the United States’ premier democracy promotion office which enjoys a Congressional earmark and bipartisan support. Its four core offices are the National Democratic Institute, the International Republican Institute, the Center for International Private Enterprise and the AFL-CIO’s Solidarity Center.

Despite its excellent work (indeed, probably because of it) this office has been a primary target of Chavez’s anti-Americanism and the focus of many vitriolic attacks by Golinger.

One of the AfGJ’s National Co-Coordinators is Chuck Kaufman who, according to his bio on the web site, “has been a leader of the Central and Latin America solidarity movements since joining the staff of the Nicaragua Network in 1987.”

Kaufman uses AfGJ, as stated, to take people from the USA to support Venezuela’s Bolivarian Revolution. He works on the ground in Venezuela with none other than Eva Golinger; who began her career as a revolutionary with the Venezuelan Solidarity Committee/Network – a project of AfGJ.

Another leader of AfGJ is James Jordon who has likewise worked with Golinger on many occasions. For example, they were both speaking at an event just this year sponsored by Media Island which is the Olympia, Washington registered non-profit organisation for the Venezuela Solidarity Network.

Media Island is also the financial sponsor of “Occupy Olympia.” They have worked together on various other occasions, such as an event in 2008 titled, “What’s up with Venezuela: Participatory Democracy or Democracy as Usual” which took place from April 19 – 21, 2008 in Washington DC and featured now-expelled Venezuelan Ambassador to the USA Bernardo Alvarez.

This seminar concluded with an “International Lobby Day,” which is strange because it is illegal for a 501c3 to lobby – even if VSN was registered as a lobbyist, which of course it is not.

This is a most curious organisation to be coordinating Occupy Wall Street. Be that as it may, it would appear that apologists for the Government of Hugo Chavez (who also work closely with the regime), people like Eva Golinger, James Jordan, and Chuck Kaufman (among many others), have a central role in OWS.

Or perhaps it is to be expected since Chavez himself has thrown his support behind the movement.

But what is certainly perplexing is the support OWS has been receiving from the established political class in the USA; most importantly President Obama.

Politics may indeed make strange bedfellows, but for Barack Obama and Hugo Chavez to be working together, however indirectly, only begs the question: what does the US President hope to achieve by backing this rabble?

We already know what Chavez wants – to destroy the United States of America. Obama may not want the same, but he’s doing a fine job of facilitating nevertheless. 

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