Swedish welfare system under spotlight as armless man denied disability parking permit

Sweden's bizarre bureaucratic system is under the spotlight after an armless man was denied a disability parking permit on account of the fact that he still has legs, and can therefore walk

by the commentator on 23 May 2015 09:34


Often cited as one of the most sophisticated welfare states in the Western world, the limits of tolerance and bureaucratic flexibility in Sweden have been highlighted by the bizarre case of a man denied a disability parking spot permit despite having no arms.

According to a report by the Nerikes Allehanda daily, cited by English language outlet, The Local, the man had his permit revoked in the central Swedish municipality of Örebro on account of the fact that he can still walk.

The man, who was not named in the reports, lost an appeal against the decision. His appeal was based on the fact that although he can indeed walk he has trouble carrying things.

The Local noted, sardonically it would appear, that on account of having no arms he would not in any event be able to purchase a ticket at the parking meter.

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