Mad Gerard Depardieu now ready to "die" for Russia

Mad as a hatter French superstar Gerard Depardieu, who says he can drink 14 bottles of wine in a day, may be taking his status as a tax exile too far. He now says he is ready to die for Mother Russia

by Phillipe Le Bastard on 26 May 2015 13:11

The increasingly mad French superstar actor Gerard Depardieu may be taking his opposition to high taxes far too seriously. The Commentator is definitely on the side of the small state, and judging by what's published here, most writers have even heard of the Laffer Curve.

But topping yourself?

I was just perusing the Moscow Times and came across an article about Depardieu saying that he has now indeed announced he is willing to "die" for Mother Russia, into whose warm but spikey embrace he thrust himself a few years ago to escape socialist nut-job (aka Monsieur le President) Francois Hollande's 75 percent top tax rate.

Helpfully reminding us that Depardieu once famously proclaimed he could drink 14 bottles of wine in a day, the article quoted him, via, apparently, Vanity Fair, as saying:

"I am ready to die for Russia because the people there are strong. I absolutely do not want to die a fool in modern-day France."


"I don't believe in myself because I don't share the values that I was raised on. I don't feel French."

This is all very well. But just before libertarians start adopting Depardieu as a hero of freedom, let's remember that he has added his personal cachet to one of the most influential dictatorships in the world.

Old Gerard may have covered himself in money by throwing himself at the feet of Vladimir Putin, but he hasn't exactly covered himself in glory.

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